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Solar Assist offers technologies that can help move you towards dependence on the sun instead of conventional energy sources. For a PDF with answers about Frequently Asked Questions.

The direct solar technologies we offer are Solar Electric and Solar Water Heating that utilize the sun's energy by intercepting the sun rays with roof top solar panels that generate electricity or heat water and thereby reduce your home's energy load.

Radiant floor heating is the most comfortable heating system to live with while being very efficient too.  Gentle heat radiating from the floor and surrounding surfaces can come from a variety of energy sources when floor tubing is utilized, keeping your options open into the future. Radiant floor heat offers it's heat like a sunny day.

Incentives are available primarily for solar technologies from a multitude of sources. More detail and examples are given in the INCENTIVES section of our site. Incentives from state and federal tax credits are key to making solar technologies more affordable. We can help explain this variety pack of financial benefits to help reduce your projects net cost.

We work for you to arrive at the best energy design for your home or business.


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