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Affordable Solar Energy in Eugene, OR

Serving Lane County since 1994

Solar Electric · Solar & Heat Pump Water Heaters · Radiant Floors
  • 5 kW systems installed for as little as $4,000*
  • Payback of investment in as little as 9 years*
  • Annual return on investment of up to 11% with minimal financial risk*
  • Systems provide free energy for 30 years or more**
  • * Final costs and savings are dependent on site slope, orientation, and shading considerations; local utility incentives; and customer's ability to make use of State of Oregon and Federal tax credits.
  • ** PV panels frequently produce power for 30 years or more. Warranties are as follows: Panels - 25 years, Inverters - 10 to 20 years, Optimizers - 25 years.

Solar Electric Systems

Solar electric ("photo-voltaic" or "PV") systems are becoming an increasingly cost-competative form of energy for Oregon homes and businesses with sufficient solar exposure. We offer a free Solar Site Assessment to help you decide if it's a good fit for you. PV installations on south facing roofs with minimal shading can provide an annual financial return of up to 11% with a payback of as little as 9 years. East and west facing installations can also be financially attractive when shading is minimal.

We offer both grid-tie and grid back-up solutions. Grid-tie solutions recieve a credit back from the utility when your system produces more power than your home or business is using.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water systems can be used for a variety of purposes. The most predominant system is the solar domestic water heater. Since every home and many businesses use hot water year-round, this is a consistent load that can be significantly offset by simply preheating the cold city water that feeds the electric or gas water heater with solar heated water. The intensity of the sun varies with the seasons and so does the temperature of the solar water produced.

Summertime months typically result in nearly 100% solar heated water for a well sized system. The winter months average around 25-50%. This results in an annual average of about 60-70% of your hot water load being provided by the sun.

Radiant Floors

"Radiant" heat relates to one of three of the most prevalent means that heat is transferred. Radiant heat is long wave infrared energy radiated from any “hot body” to any “cooler body” within sight. In other words, if you’re in the sun you’ll feel warmer than if you’re in the shade. If you can see a wood stove you’ll be warmer than if you are around the corner from it. This is the concept that makes radiant floor heat so comfortable; you’re almost always “in sight” of your floor and therefore warm.

Warm feet help make warm homes.